For ongoing rights issue, you will be able to see the button to submit your acceptance.


Please make payment to the bank account as instructed in the eRights form before submitting your acceptance and/or excess application.

eRights Submission

  1. Sign in to Investor Portal with your user ID and password.
  2. To begin your eRights submission, click on the company you wish to submit.
  3. Some of your information such as your name and contact number may be pre-filled for you. Ensure these information is accurate.
  4. Your CDS account number(s) that is/are eligible will be listed on the screen. You can submit for several CDS accounts in one eRights.
  5. If your CDS account number is not listed and the rights issue entitlement period is still open, you can add your CDS account number by clicking + Add CDS button. You must ensure your CDS account number is entitled for the rights issue.

  6. Enter number of units you wish to accept in the Acceptance field (if you have more than one CDS accounts, enter for each CDS account). The amount payable for Acceptance and fee will be automatically calculated for you.
  7. Upload the bank-in/transfer slip for the payable amount for Acceptance.
  8. If you wish to apply for Excess, enter the number of units you wish to apply in the Excess field. The amount payable for Excess will be automatically shown.
  9. Upload the bank-in/transfer slip for the payable amount for Excess.
  10. Provide your bank account details for the purpose of refund (if any) for this submission.
  11. Please ensure all information given is accurate. You are not allowed to change your eRights information after submission. Click Submit to submit your eRights.